For Wealth and Investment Management

Manage and access multiple currency accounts in real time, providing wealth managers with greater control and flexibility in managing assets and liquidity. Compliant and secure services offered by Regent FE ensure that your needs are managed efficiently, leaving you to focus on the core business of managing client wealth.

Regent FE proposition to wealth and investment management firms focuses on enhanced global financial flexibility and efficiency:

Streamlined Global Payments

Regent FE can facilitate seamless multi-currency transactions in over 30 currencies, reducing the complexity and costs associated with currency conversion and cross-border payments. This is particularly beneficial for firms managing international portfolios.

Currency Risk Management

Offering services to manage currency risk, such as Forward Contracts, can help in hedging against currency fluctuations. This is crucial for investments spread across different currencies.

Cost Efficiency

Achieve cost savings through competitive exchange rates and lower transaction fees compared to traditional banking systems. This can significantly reduce operational costs for wealth management firms.

Real-Time Access and Control

Manage and access multiple currency accounts in real time, providing wealth managers with greater control and flexibility in managing assets and liquidity.

Regulatory Compliance

Assure compliance with global financial regulations, which is essential for wealth management firms operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Customised Solutions

Offer tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of wealth and investment management firms, such as reporting tools, analytical insights, and dedicated support.

Safety of Funds

As an FCA Authorised Payment Institution, we want to assure our clients that the security of their funds is of paramount importance to us. Our robust systems and protocols are in place to safeguard client funds, ensuring their integrity and protection. All relevant client funds are held in segregated safeguarding accounts with UK and Swiss banks.

This proposition aims to provide wealth and investment management firms with a flexible, efficient, and secure way to handle multi-currency transactions, enhancing their capability to operate globally while managing risks and costs effectively.

Wealth management firms managing multi-currency transactions face several regulatory challenges, primarily due to the varying financial laws and regulations across different countries. Here’s how Regent FE can assist in addressing these challenges:

Compliance with International Regulations

Regent FE can help ensure that transactions comply with international financial regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. They can offer expertise and systems designed to meet these complex and evolving standards.

Adhering to Exchange Control Regulations

Some countries impose controls on foreign exchange transactions. Regent FE can guide wealth management firms through these regulations, ensuring legal compliance while executing currency exchanges and transfers.

Reporting Requirements

Different jurisdictions have specific reporting requirements for foreign transactions and holdings. Regent FE can assist in consolidating and simplifying these reporting obligations, ensuring timely and accurate compliance.

Navigating Tax Implications

Different countries have varied tax laws, especially concerning foreign income and transactions. Regent FE can assist our clients in understanding and complying with these tax regulations, introducing clients to leading tax consultants providing advice to manage tax liabilities efficiently.

Risk Management

Regulatory risks, such as sudden changes in foreign exchange policies or capital controls, can impact multi-currency transactions.

Data Protection and Privacy Laws

With increasing concerns over data security, adhering to international data protection and privacy laws is crucial. Regent FE systems and processes are compliant with laws like GDPR in the EU, the Data Protection Act in the UK and similar regulations globally.

By offering expertise and tailored solutions in these areas, multi-currency accounts from regent FE significantly ease the regulatory burden on wealth management firms, allowing them to focus on their core business of managing client wealth effectively.


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