For International Real Estate

Improve your clients experience and help them save time and money by partnering with Regent FE. You and your clients can benefit from the volume of business your Real Estate Firm generates, and most importantly be looked after by a senior specialist that will take the stress out of managing currency and payments whether buying, selling, letting or renting a property.

Partnering with Regent FE can significantly enhance client relationships for an international real estate sales and lettings firm. Here’s how:

Competitive Exchange Rates

By offering competitive exchange rates through Regent FE, the firm can ensure their clients save money on currency conversions. This is particularly appealing for clients dealing with high-value transactions like property purchases and sales.

Streamlined Transactions

Regent FE can facilitate smoother, faster international transactions. This efficiency is highly valued by clients, especially in time-sensitive real estate deals.

Reduced Transaction Costs

Clients often face high fees for international transfers. A partnership with Regent FE offers lower fees can be a strong selling point, demonstrating Regent FE’s commitment to client interests.

Risk Management Solutions

Regent FE offers Forward Contracts for managing currency risk by locking in exchange rates for future transactions, providing financial certainty.

Personalised Service

Tailored currency services that meet the specific needs of each client can greatly enhance the client experience. This includes offering advice on the best times to exchange or transfer funds based on market conditions.

Enhanced Trust and Credibility

Collaborating with a reputable and reliable foreign exchange provider such as Regent FE can boost the firm’s credibility. It shows a commitment to providing comprehensive, professional services.

Diversification of Services

By offering currency exchange and international payment services, the firm diversifies its offerings, enhancing its appeal to a broader client base.

In essence, the partnership between a real estate firm and Regent FE creates a symbiotic relationship where the firm can leverage financial expertise and technology to offer value-added services, enhancing overall client satisfaction and trust.

Regent FE, as a multi-currency accounts and payments provider, offers a comprehensive proposition to international property sales and lettings real estate firms, focusing on efficiency, risk management, and personalised service.

Key Offerings

Time and Money Savings

Regent FE’s multi-currency accounts are designed to save time and reduce costs associated with international transactions. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for firms dealing with payroll, recruitment, and relocation across different countries.

Currency Risk Management

Regent FE offers tools for managing currency risk, such as the option to book a Forward Contract. This feature is invaluable for hedging against currency risk exposure, particularly for future foreign currency salary and dividend income, as well as expenses in both new and home countries.

Bulk Payments for Payroll and Expenses

The bulk payment feature streamlines the payroll process and the mass payment of expenses, greatly reducing administrative workload and improving operational efficiency.

Personalised Service

Each firm is assigned a senior relationship manager, ensuring they receive excellent, personalised service. This dedicated support is tailored to support the business’s unique needs and growth objectives.

Multi-Currency Facilitation

The ability to facilitate payments and receipts in various currencies simplifies international dealings. This is crucial for real estate firms managing global operations, as it allows for smooth financial transactions without the need for constant currency conversions.

Multiple Accounts for Profit and Cost Centres

The provision to create multiple accounts helps in segregating profit and cost centres, enabling better financial management and clarity in accounting.

Safety of Funds

As an FCA Authorised Payment Institution, we want to assure our clients that the security of their funds is of paramount importance to us. Our robust systems and protocols are in place to safeguard client funds, ensuring their integrity and protection. All relevant client funds are held in segregated safeguarding accounts with UK and Swiss banks.

In summary, Regent FE’s proposition for international property sales and lettings firms is centred around providing efficient, safe, and tailored financial services that address the unique challenges of operating in a multi-currency, international environment.


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“Service” means caring for the outcomes experienced by our customers. At Regent FE, our culture revolves around delivering the finest service to our customers at every stage. Whether it’s the first point of contact or any subsequent interaction with the accounts and services we offer.

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