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Firms dealing with international clients or cases are often required to segregate money flows and transactional reporting. Regent FE can issue primary and additional accounts in multiple currencies for specific needs and support the unique needs of your business.

Regent FE, as a premier provider of multi-currency accounts and payment services, offers a compelling proposition to law, accountancy, and tax firms. The core of our offering focuses on delivering significant time and cost savings, while enhancing control over multi-currency transactions, especially for firms dealing with international clients or cases.

Time and Cost Efficiency

By utilising our multi-currency accounts, your firm can streamline international payments and receipts. This capability not only simplifies transactions but also results in substantial cost savings, as it mitigates the need for multiple currency conversions and the associated fees.

Currency Risk Management

We understand the importance of managing currency risk in a global business environment. To address this, we offer the option to book a forward exchange rate, allowing your firm to hedge against currency risk exposure. This feature is crucial for effectively planning and securing your future foreign currency income and expenses.

Safety of Funds

As an FCA Authorised Payment Institution, we want to assure our clients that the security of their funds is of paramount importance to us. Our robust systems and protocols are in place to safeguard client funds, ensuring their integrity and protection. All relevant client funds are held in segregated safeguarding accounts with UK and Swiss banks.

Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on providing an unmatched personalised service. Each client is assigned a senior relationship manager, dedicated to supporting your business’s unique needs and growth ambitions. This bespoke approach ensures that you receive tailored solutions and expert guidance at every step.

In summary, partnering with Regent FE means your firm can confidently navigate the complexities of international finance, backed by efficient, secure, and personalised services designed to support your firm’s international dealings and growth trajectory.

Use cases for Law, Tax and Accountancy firms

Multi-currency accounts and conversions have several use cases for law, tax, and accountancy firms, primarily stemming from their involvement in international transactions and dealings with clients and entities across different countries. Here are the key use cases:

Cross-Border Transactions

For firms dealing with international clients or cases, multi-currency accounts facilitate payments and receipts in different currencies. This is crucial in avoiding the complexities and costs associated with excessive currency conversion.

Invoicing and Billing

Law, tax, and accountancy firms working internationally may need to invoice clients in their local currencies. Multi-currency accounts simplify this process, making it more straightforward to manage receivables and payables in various currencies.

Operational Efficiency

Handling transactions in multiple currencies through a single set of accounts enhances operational efficiency, reducing the need for multiple bank accounts in different countries.

Managing Currency Risks

These firms often need to hedge against currency fluctuations. Booking a forward exchange rate allows these firms to lock in their margin or fix their costs in foreign currency. Furthermore, multi-currency accounts allow them to hold funds in different currencies, reducing the need to convert on the spot.

Financial Reporting and Compliance

For accurate financial reporting and compliance, firms must record transactions in the original currency and the functional currency. Multi-currency accounts assist in maintaining accurate books and records.

Cost Savings

By using multi-currency accounts, firms can save on conversion fees and benefit from more favourable exchange rates compared to traditional banks.

A typical currency exposure largely depends on the geographical scope of the operations and clients of law, tax and accountancy firms. Common exposures include:

Currency exposure in these firms is often a mix of transactional exposure (arising from individual transactions in foreign currencies), translational exposure (related to converting financial statements of foreign operations into the primary currency of the firm), and economic exposure (long-term impact of currency movements on the firm’s market value).


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