For Fund Administrators

Consolidate all accounts with Regent FE making it more efficient for fund administrators to handle diverse currency transaction for multiple funds.
All client funds are held in safeguarding accounts with reputable UK and Swiss banks.

Regent FE’s proposition to fund administrators offers these core benefits:

Rapid Account Setup

The ability to set up accounts swiftly is a game-changer for fund administrators. Traditionally, account setups can take weeks, causing delays in fund operations. By reducing this process to mere hours, fund administrators can significantly accelerate their response to market opportunities and client needs. This aspect is particularly appealing in fast-paced financial environments where time is a critical factor.

Safety of Funds

As an FCA Authorised Payment Institution, we want to assure our clients that the security of their funds is of paramount importance to us. Our robust systems and protocols are in place to safeguard client funds, ensuring their integrity and protection. All relevant client funds are held in segregated safeguarding accounts with UK and Swiss banks.

Consolidated Multi-Currency Operations

Consolidation simplifies the complex nature of handling multiple currencies. By using a single provider for all multi-currency transactions, fund administrators can streamline their financial operations. This consolidation reduces administrative overheads, eases compliance burdens, and improves efficiency. It also means that fund administrators can manage all their currency needs through one point of contact, which simplifies relationship management and onboarding processes.

Exemplary Service with Senior Relationship Management

Personalised service is critical in the financial industry. By offering dedicated senior relationship managers, Regent FE ensures that each client receives focused attention, bespoke solutions, and expert advice. This level of service supports not just the day-to-day operations of the funds but also aids in strategic planning and growth. Having a knowledgeable and experienced point of contact who understands the specific needs and challenges of the fund can be invaluable.


What makes Regent FE different from other financial institutions? 

“Service” means caring for the outcomes experienced by our customers. At Regent FE, our culture revolves around delivering the finest service to our customers at every stage. Whether it’s the first point of contact or any subsequent interaction with the accounts and services we offer.

How does Regent FE safeguard client funds?
Can clients have more than one account in each currency?
What jurisdictions does Regent FE work with?

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