For Family Offices

Managing a portfolio of companies across different jurisdictions and time zones can be challenging. Regent FE understands the complexities associated with running a Family Office and offers tailored relationship management services and support by consolidating accounts, payments and compliance in one place.

Proposition Summary for Regent FE’s Multi-currency Accounts & Payments Services to Family Offices

Regent FE offers a transformative solution for Family Offices managing principal companies and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) across multiple jurisdictions. Our service is uniquely tailored to meet the sophisticated needs of these entities, emphasising four key areas: efficiency, security, simplicity, and personalised service.

Rapid Account Setup

In the dynamic world of wealth management, time is of the essence. Regent FE understands this urgency and offers fast onboarding and issuing of named multi-currency accounts for each company and SPVs under your management. With our streamlined processes, accounts can be operational in a matter of hours, not weeks, ensuring that your financial operations never skip a beat.

Safety of Funds

As an FCA Authorised Payment Institution, we want to assure our clients that the security of their funds is of paramount importance to us. Our robust systems and protocols are in place to safeguard client funds, ensuring their integrity and protection. All relevant client funds are held in segregated safeguarding accounts with UK and Swiss banks.

Consolidated Multi-Currency Management

The complexity of handling multiple currencies is simplified with Regent FE. By consolidating all multi-currency collections and payments under one provider, we streamline the onboarding process, ensure compliance ease, and foster efficient relationship management. This consolidation not only reduces administrative burden but also enhances operational efficiency.

Exemplary Service with a Personal Touch

At Regent FE, we believe in building strong relationships. Each Family Office is assigned a senior relationship manager, dedicated to understanding and supporting your unique business and growth aspirations. This level of personalised service is not just about managing accounts; it’s about fostering a partnership that contributes positively to your business’s success.

In conclusion, Regent FE is not just a service provider; we are a partner in your growth, offering a blend of speed, safety, simplicity, and personalised service that is unmatched in the realm of multi-currency accounts and payments.


What makes Regent FE different from other financial institutions? 

“Service” means caring for the outcomes experienced by our customers. At Regent FE, our culture revolves around delivering the finest service to our customers at every stage. Whether it’s the first point of contact or any subsequent interaction with the accounts and services we offer.

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